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The Outsider In The Mirrors | Promotional Film

Here’s a short promotional film for the Soft Riot album The Outsider In The Mirrors, out NOW! You can order the album from our store or check out where you can get the record near you.

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  • Soft Riot | The Outsider In The Mirrors

    The Outsider In The Mirrors

    Soft Riot

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  • Hausfrau | Trivial Pursuits (PR001)

    Trivial Pursuits


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  • Possession Records Presents: Impressions | Bob Hatchett on "The Outsider In The Mirrors"

    Possession Records presents : Impressions (01)

    The Outsider In The Mirrors is officially out today! We asked JJD from Soft Riot‘s neighbour for his thoughts on the record to share with you in a short interview. This is the result. Soft Riot will be performing some of these songs live tonight for the release show here in Glasgow. The album is […]

  • Hausfrau (photo by CJ Monk)

    Organised Chaos: Hausfrau talks to The Skinny about Possession

    Claudia Nova (Hausfrau) had a chat with The Skinny recently about Possession Records about how it started, future plans and our love for bad sci-fi and Unsolved Mysteries: Glasgow’s music scene is one that we’re all very aware of and proud of as a nation – it’s testament to the bazillion artists, promoters, DJs and […]

  • THE EYES ON THE WALLS Promo Video | Still 03

    “The Eyes On The Walls” video premiere on

    The first official “music video” for Soft Riot‘s The Outsider In The Mirrors is now up on The psychedelic synth pop of Soft Riot returns with the first video from the project’s new-wave cable television inspired concept LP The Outsider In The Mirrors. “The Eyes In The Walls” reflects Soft Riot synth maestro JJD’s […]