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Latest & Upcoming Releases

  • Soft Riot | The Outsider In The Mirrors

    The Outsider In The Mirrors

    Soft Riot

    • Digital
    • LP
    • CD
    • Cassette
  • Hausfrau | Trivial Pursuits (PR001)

    Trivial Pursuits


    • Digital
    • Cassette


  • Soft Riot, Alice Hubble and Liquid Metal | 19 July 2019

    Alice Hubble added to our July 19th event!

    After a bit of re-juggling to our July 19th show at Broadcast Glasgow, we’re happy to add Alice Hubble of Happy Robots Records to the line-up!

  • Soft Riot Summer Solstice 2019 Sale

    Soft Riot’s Summer Solstice 2019 Sale

    Starting from June 21st, all items in the Soft Riot store are 30% off if you use the discount code solsticesale when you make a purchase. The sale will go on for exactly one month, ending on July 21st.

  • Patience & Hausfrau : 2019-06-20 | Soft Riot & Leere : 2019-07-19

    Summer shows and moving forward

    Two shows in Glasgow coming up soon, with our own Hausfrau and Soft Riot. And more label news to come soon in the near future!