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BandCamp Friday 40th Sale on Six Soft Riot Albums!

Possession Records | Soft Riot sale for BandCamp Friday 40th

Apparently it’s the 40th BandCamp Friday coming up in two days, and as we all know modern life is pretty expensive at the moment I thought I’d do a little sale on a number of albums in the Soft Riot Bandcamp Store for those that might be interested.

Starting at around 12 midnight UTC going into Friday, May 3rd and running until around midnight at the end of Monday, May 6th one can get some discounted albums from the online store! Here’s the details of the sale:


Digital — 50% off with code: mayitbeno
LP — £13
CD — £8

When Push Comes To Shove

Digital — 50% off with code:  mayitbepushed
LP — £10
CD — £6

The Outsider In The Mirrors

Digital — 50% off with code:  mayitbeoutsider
LP — £10
CD — £6

You Never Know What Might Come Next

Digital — 50% off with code:  mayitbeyouneverknow
LP — £10

Chin Up

Digital — 50% off with code:  mayitbechinup
CD — £6
Cass — £4

Second Lives

Digital — 50% off with code:  mayitbesecondlives
CD — £6
Cass — £4

Sounds good? Thanks for your support!

(P.S. — If you opt to buy multiple digital releases, you might need to do them one at a time to use a single, relevant code per transaction)

New Soft Riot album "No." out now!

The new SOFT RIOT album — NO.
Out NOW on Possession Records and Wave Tension Records (NL)
Nine new tracks available on Vinyl LP, Digipak CD and Digital

Order now

No. is the tenth Soft Riot album by Glasgow-based Canadian synth auteur Jack Duckworth (also known as JJD). With origins from the mid-nineties in the vibrant art-punk/hardcore dominating the West Coast American/Canadian underground at the time, he has clocked in over twenty five years of musical output in various bands and projects, including first-wave post-punk revivalists Radio Berlin (1998-2005) and industrial synth-punk collective A Luna Red (Gold Standard Labs, 1999-2003).

No. is the logical follow-up to When Push Comes To Shove, released in November 2019 on the Glasgow UK-based label Possession Records, which saw some critical acclaim in the increasingly diverse synthwave scene.

Extended digital singles from the album to also be released include A Spade Is Played Again (released June 2023) and Linked Between Two Minds (released July 2023) contain the title album tracks, alternate versions, remixes and unreleased tracks from the No. Album sessions.

The first 40 copies of this LP that are sold through BandCamp and live shows will come with a limited edition zine (36-40 pages) containing writings, observations and other artist media related to the album. The zine won’t be reprinted once they’re gone and they are going pretty quick!

PLEASE NOTE: All orders shipped within the EU will be sent with registered/tracked shipping. The UK and elsewhere will be shipped regular standard/economy shipping. EU orders are shipped in bulk every 3-4 weeks and UK/elsewhere within 14 days (often earlier).


Transhuman Rebirth "Preparing Singularity" out as Vinyl LP on 25 March 2023

Transhuman Rebirth "Preparing Singularity" Vinyl LP Cover | Possession Records (PSSN09) and Wave Tension Records (W10.13)

Released in June 2022 on Digipak CD, cassette and digital, we’re now happy to announce that the album Preparing Singularity by Transhuman Rebirth will now be available on 25th March on a glorious vinyl LP in partnership with Wave Tension Records based out of The Netherlands.

Transhuman Rebirth is a musical project of Berlin-based Ben Bloodygrave, with his own unique take on the classic EBM genre. Already instantly recognizable on the European synth/wave scene and touring circuit with his high octane aggressive minimal synth, Bloodygrave started this new project over the past few years focusing more on classic, first-wave EBM, moulding the nine tracks on Preparing Singularity into a sound thats recognizable to fans of the starting foundations of the genre. While retaining a sound that’s unique and solely its own, elements of minimal wave and synth-punk are fused in these propulsive tracks, with nods to old idols such as Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, Front 242 and Absolute Body Control.

Starting as a crowdfunding project on the Startnext platform, this vinyl LP was also picked up by Wave Tension Records and will be available through such known distributors where you can pick up a copy yourself:
Bordello A Parigi
Sonic Rendevous
Audio Globe
Wave Tension Records
Ben Bloodygrave


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    Transhuman Rebirth

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