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The Outsider In The Mirrors | Promotional Film

Here’s a short promotional film for the Soft Riot album The Outsider In The Mirrors, out NOW! You can order the album from our store or check out where you can get the record near you.

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  • Soft Riot | The Outsider In The Mirrors

    The Outsider In The Mirrors

    Soft Riot

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  • Hausfrau | Trivial Pursuits (PR001)

    Trivial Pursuits


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  • Waiting For Something Terrible To Happen video still

    “Waiting For Something Terrible To Happen” video premiere on The Skinny

    Thanks to The Skinny for premiering the video for the track “Waiting For Something Terrible To Happen”! This is the fourth track from album The Outsider In The Mirrors which was released earlier this year on Possession. It is a continuation of the ongoing “alternate TV channel” theme from this record, the first being a […]

  • Soft Riot (01) | Promo Photo (March 2018) | by JJD

    Soft Riot in Ion Magazine

    Ahead of a performance at Vancouver’s Verboden Festival starting Friday, April 13th an interview was conducted for the Canadian music/arts website Ion Magazine. Read on! Of the reviews that have popped up so far for The Outsider in the Mirrors, the latest full-length release from Glasgow-based darkwave solo project Soft Riot, none are quite as […]

  • Soft Riot (03) | Promo Photo (March 2018) | by JJD

    The Man In The Mirrors: Interview with Ghettoblaster

    A new Soft Riot interview is up on the US music website, Ghettoblaster about his new album The Outsider In The Mirrors. It was done with Tim Anderl, who has done a couple of other interviews with Soft Riot over the years. Here we cover anniversaries, humour, re-location and Fleetwood Mac vs. Antioch Arrow. Glasgow, […]