• SOFT RIOT | Press Image | "The Outsider In The Mirrors" Promo Collage

    Soft Riot in Altvenger & Distro

    The release date for Soft Riot‘s The Outsider In The Mirrors is coming closer and closer and some of the press is starting to come in. Here’s a recent interview JJD did with the UK online magazine Altvenger. A rather long and informative one: Soft Riot is a solo project of the Canadian artist Jack […]

  • Soft Riot | The Outsider In The Mirrors | LP cover

    Pre-Orders for “The Outsider In The Mirrors” Start Now

    Yes, you’ve seen it: pre-orders for the new Soft Riot album The Outsider In The Mirrors start today! The official release date is on 09 February 2018. This record is the first Soft Riot album on Possession Records and the second for the label. The record will be soon available through a number of distributors […]