Soft Riot in Altvenger & Distro

The release date for Soft Riot‘s The Outsider In The Mirrors is coming closer and closer and some of the press is starting to come in. Here’s a recent interview JJD did with the UK online magazine Altvenger. A rather long and informative one:

Soft Riot is a solo project of the Canadian artist Jack Duckworth (JJD). However, Jack has been living in the UK for the past decade where he became a notable part of the synth music scene. His sound is rather distinguishable; it’s described as minimal synth art-punk disco by the artist. Although one can hear various musical influences in his work, Soft Riot’s artistic expression has its own distinctive signature. Jack is undoubtedly inspired by the world that surrounds him, life experiences, impressions and ideas, rather than the music history alone. He is interested in exploring new sound possibilities and he’s open to experimentation. His sixth album, The Outsider In The Mirrors, will be officially released on 9 February on Possession Records. Jack kindly agreed to answer a few question before his first 2018 tour date.


Pre-orders have been going for the album through our online store but you can start checking these distributors in the UK and Europe as well:

North American distro will be announced soon.