Short Film 02 Premieres Today

A fifteen minute short film has been created with the purpose of promoting our newest release, When Push Comes To Shove by Soft Riot in a somewhat unique manner. It has premiered today on YouTube.

It’s sort of a mash-up of BBC 2 adaptations of M.R. James stories, 70s psychological horror, non-sensical news reports, 4AM shopping channel transmissions, surreal technicolour psychedelic voyages with some skewed VHS aesthetics… as well as a bit of an obsession with weird names in film credits, obscure film soundtracks and bargain bin DVD interactive menus.

The short film contains previews of tracks from the new Soft Riot release, as well as other things, including a feature on our Voidamol Limited Edition Travel Tin available in the online shop.

Most of it was done by JJD from Soft Riot with additional video textures supplied by the talented Georgina Penstkart and voice work contributed by Marcel Wave. Watch the this film below or check it out in the new Short Films section of the site, which includes our first short film created for PSSN02, The Outsider In The Mirrors.