• Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves III : Drones & Tones

    “Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves III : Drones & Tones”

    This mix, Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves III: Drones & Tones, is the most minimal and meditative of the bunch, focusing on ambience and sound design. It includes artists old and new — strangers, friends and peers I know expanding in that universe of sound, creating new worlds to travel in and out of.

  • Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves : Synthetic Worlds

    A Start of A Mix Series with “Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves II”

    Going into 2020 we’re going to hopefully be doing more and more mixes of music, mainly of stuff we like and at times including some of artists (current and forthcoming) on the roster. There’ll be some different themes, including this series entitled Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves.

  • Possession Stamp on Mailer

    Delayed Postal Issues

    As we’ve been sending out orders from our online store, we’d like to point out at this time that postal delivers are taking a bit longer than usual due to various factors.