A Start of A Mix Series with “Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves II”

It’s almost the end of another year and we now go into its final weeks to reflect and rest up for the new one. Going into 2020 we’re going to hopefully be doing more and more mixes of music, mainly of stuff we like and at times including some of artists (current and forthcoming) on the roster. There’ll be some different themes, including this series entitled Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves, originally started as one instalment by Soft Riot around 9 years ago. It’s being continued over the winter as three new instalments, with the first one now up below.

It’s the time of year where we hole up in the shadows of our homes and reflect on the year past and recharge for the new one right around the corner. It’s the soundtrack for staring out of windows, staying in bed for a few extra hours and catching up on all of the low level activities that we never had a chance to do throughout the course of the year during a time when the days are short and the daylight is a lot dimmer.

This mix, Synthetic Worlds, is a selection of more synthesiser-based pieces from classic artists from years gone as well as newer tracks by current artists, including friends and peers I know expanding in that universe of sound, creating new worlds to travel in and out of.


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SOFT RIOT — “All You Good People” (2020)
JOHN FOXX – “Lost New York” (2006)
TANGERINE DREAM — “The Night In Romania” / From the film the The Keep (1983)
PALADIN — “The Song Of The Water” (2018)
THIS IS THE BRIDGE — “Linear North” (2019)
BEAUTIFUL SKIN — “A Vacant Stare” (2000)
THE METAMORPH — “The Crystal World” (2018)
PAULINE ANNA STROM — “Spatial Spectre” (1984)
EGYPTOLOGY – “Orbis Part 1: Matter” (2016)
MICHELE MERCURE — “Night Music” (1985)
MARK SHREEVE — “Embryo” (1980)
JOHANNES SCHMOELLING — “Matjora Is Still Alive” (1986)
CAROLINE K — “Between The Spaces 1” (1987)
MO-DU — “Let The Gondelier Smile” (2018)
THOMAS LEER & ROBERT RENTAL – The Hard Way In & The Easy Way Out (1979)
PULSELOVERS – “Æthelbald and the Golden Dragon” (2019)
FRANK DULLAART — “Trans-Harmonic Dream” (1983)
EG OBLIQUE GRAPH — “Triptych” (1982)
MICHELE MUSSER — “In The Air” (1986)
RON BERRY — “Sea Of Tranquility” (1982)
ROBERT AIKI AUBREY LOWE — “M’Bondo (Version)” (2012)
STEVE ROACH — “Structures In Silence” (1984)