“By The Skin Of Your Teeth” Video Premiere

Following the premiere of the video for the Soft Riot track “Taking Off The Edge” back in October, the second in a series of videos from the new album When Push Comes To Shove has now premiered and is ready for viewing for the track “By The Skin Of Your Teeth”.

The video is based on a live performance from a recent tour this past autumn after playing the MS Stubnitz in Hamburg DE. The crew at the venue filmed and edited the show with additional processing by Flustervision (Soft Riot’s JJD and Glasgow video artist Georgina Penstkart), giving the footage a psychedelic, visual effect. It then becomes a bit less of a standard live video document and more of a visual that captures the energy of the track, working more as a club visual.

The video was shot on the MS Stubnitz in Hamburg, which is a long running live independent venue in the city. Like many other live venues it’s under threat of urban development and needs support from its donators, which can be done at . As a lot of our music scene hinges on inspirational live shows in venues, it’s important that venues such as this one remain to provide that experience.

Further videos from this album will be premiering in the near future so stay tuned.

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