“Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves IV: Soundtracks Of The Mind”

This is the final of three new instalments of the series of mixes done over the winter entitled “Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves IV: Soundtracks Of The Mind”, done as Possession Records in the winter of 2019-2020.

“It’s the time of year where we hole up in the shadows of our homes and reflect on the year past and recharge for the new one right around the corner. It’s the soundtrack for staring out of windows, staying in bed for a few extra hours and catching up on all of the low level activities that we never had a chance to do throughout the course of the year during a time when the days are short and the daylight is a lot dimmer.”

As we start moving into the new year, this mix, Soundtracks Of The Mind, is the most dynamic of the set and has more of a focus on favourite pieces from film soundtracks and has a bit more energy. It includes artists old and new, including tracks by Glasgow artists Hausfrau and Ela Orleans, as well as an as-of-yet unreleased track from the upcoming Soft Riot album entitled Chin Up, which will be released a bit later this year.


CHARLES WAIN — “Driving Home” (1977) / From the film The Last Wave (1977)
EDUARD ARTEMYEV – “Train“ (1979) / From the film Stalker (1979)
SOFT RIOT— “Who Knows Where You’ll Be“ (2020)
LABRADFORD — “El Lago“ (1995)
BRUCE GILBERT — “Epitaph for Henran Brenler“ (1986)
CLAIRE HAMILL — “Spring: Tides“ (1986)
PLANT BACH OFNUS — “Pydredd“ (1988)
HAROLD BUDD — “Flowered Knife Shadows“ (1986)
GEINOH YAMASHIROGUMI – “Doll’s Polyphony“ (1988) / From the film Akira (1988)
BRIAN ENO, DANIEL LANOIS & ROGER ENO — “Prophecy Theme“ (1984) / From the film Dune (1984)
THE WONDERLAND PHILHARMONIC — “The Ninja“ (1980) / From the film Shogun Assassin (1980)
HOWARD SHORE — “801 A/B“ (1983) / From the film Videodrome (1983)
CHROME — “Nights Of The Earth“ (1980)
HAROLD FALTERMEYER— “Intro/Bakersfield“ (1987) / From the film The Running Man (1987)
QUEEN – “In the Space Capsule (The Love Theme)“ (1980) / From the film Flash Gordon (1980)
HAUSFRAU – “Dancehall Days“ (2016)
SKINNY PUPPY — “Guilty“ (1983)
JAPAN — “The Experience Of Swimming“ (1980) / From the film Static (1985)
GIL MELLÉ — “Hex“ (1971) / From the film The Andromeda Strain (1971)
YANNI — “Oh, Daddy / Carol Sees Fletcher / Rathead on Ice“ (1988) / From the film Heart Of Midnight (1988)
ELA ORLEANS — “Dionysus“ (2016)
SUSAN JUSTIN — “Communication“ (1982) / From the film The Forbidden World (1982)
SINOIA CAVES — “Run Program: Sentionauts“ (2010) / From the film Beyond The Black Rainbow (2010)
MICHEL RUBINI — “Graham’s Theme“ (1986) / From the film Manhunter (1986)
JYL – Universe (1984)
EDGAR FROESE — “Snake Bath“ (1982) / From the film Kamakaze 1989 (1982)
MINOX — “Hybrid Of A Tight Laugh“ (1986)
TONY BANKS — “Crio“ (1978) / From the film The Shout (1978)