Announcing the newest Soft Riot album “Chin Up”

Around 18 months in the making, the newest Soft Riot album entitled Chin Up is now available for pre-order through Possession Records. It’s to be available in digital and limited run CD and cassette formats. It feels honestly strange to be announcing a record during these strange pandemic times, but it felt the best time to do it as a lot of moods and feelings that were sewn into these songs feels very in line with the times.

The majority of the tracks from this album were written at the same time as the tracks from the most recent release, When Push Comes To Shove. Chin Up was mostly written in the late night hours as an escape from the trappings of things like culture, scenes, political calamity, information overload, existential dread and the confines of what is considered synthesizer pop music. Its genesis is rooted in a feeling of endless grey malaise, especially in the record’s long and labyrinthine feel — but then taking that initial idea and expanding its colour.

Further vocal contributions come from friends Croatian synthpop artist Iv/An (Tonn Recordings) as well as Adam Usi, from Augsburg DE (Young & Cold Records).

With the announcement of this record today you can buy the digital version now for only £1.00 up until the actual release date on 27 April 2020. You’ll get all the tracks to download instantly. For me, the relative business of moving records, distribution and promoting a saleable product seem pretty irrelevant in the current climate. With everything being a lot of big unknowns I’m more interested in giving people the opportunity to hear it without needing to worry about money to spend at this point in time.

The cassette and CD versions are now available for pre-order as well. Anyone purchasing these physical formats will get all the digital versions of the tracks right away through pre-order.

That’s it for now. Thanks to everyone for their support and remember… when push comes to shove, chin up!


  1. All You Good People
  2. Laughter Takes Off The Edge
  3. Solitary Figures (with Iv/An)
  4. Chin Up
  5. Counter-Productive (with Adam Usi)
  6. The Crossfade
  7. Hiding In Clouded Tones
  8. A View In The Smog
  9. Who Knows Where You’ll Be
  10. Frost On An Eyelash
  11. Grass Through Cement