“Chin Up” by Soft Riot Out Now

Today is the official release date for the new Soft Riot album, Chin Up — a collection of 11 tracks that make for a “one off” release for a more experimental, ambient-leaning sound. The majority of these tracks where written at the same time as the recent When Push Comes To Shove release which was released on Possession in November 2019.

So a big thank you to everyone who has bought and pre-ordered the new album until now. It’s been very much appreciated in these strange times! The pre-order special on the digital version of the album is now over, but you can still buy the digital version for only £5.00.

The album is also available on limited run CD and cassette, available through the Possession Records store and some limited distributors during this current pandemic situation. With that all physical pre-orders will start to be shipped at this point but note that delivery times may be longer than usual due to the ongoing lockdown restrictions.


“Leading up the to the release of this record I underwent the task of doing unique artwork for each track off the record, mainly as a challenge and for fun. The record itself is very visual for me so with the first images that came to mind when thinking about each track I’d give myself a set amount of time to construct artwork for each track, which you can view below.”