Readymix Cement 001

Following the Winter Waves & Cryptic Caves trilogy of mixes from the turn of this year, the title references the type of quick dry cement used in construction — a material that is mixed, poured and then dries quickly. These mixes are tracks that are compiled together on impulse and then set at a programme of about an hour. The idea is to put up a new mix every week or two so stay tuned.


BILL NELSON — “Hope For A Heartbeat” (1982)
FAD GADGET – “Love Parasite” (1982)
COSMETICS — “Breathless” (2013)
KUVINA — “Странник” (2018)
EAST WALL — “Ice Of Fire” (1991)
IV/AN —”Common Theme” (2018)
JYL — “Computer Love” (1984)
TWIN TOWERS – “The Joyful City” (2020)
TONES ON TAIL — “Means Of Escape” (1982)
MARTIN DUPONT — “He Saw The Light” (1987)
FRANK (JUST FRANK) — “Mr. Itagaki” (2010)
CHROME —”Inner Vacume” (1981)
BLEACHED HEAT — “How Well U Do It” (2020)
SIX FINGER SATELLITE — “White Temples” (1994)