Readymix Cement 002

With the recent passing of Unwound bassist Vern Rumsey, this mix starts with a more unique post-hardcore introduction of that band’s track “Corpse Pose” from their seminal album Repetition (1996). This is the second installment of Readymix Cement.

We then move onto Welsh-language synth/post-punk Eirin Peryglus, then continuing on with some older material by Jeff & Jane Hudson, Bene Gesserit, Hard Corps, Moral Support, Wire, Glasgow’s Paul Haig, Severed Heads and a rare Russian synth track by Андрей Родионов & Борис Тихомиров. Complimenting those tracks includes selections by great newer artists such as Peppy Pep Pepper, Paladin, Adam Usi, Image Of Life along with a close of the millennium track by Beautiful Skin (GSL, 1999).


UNWOUND — “Corpse Pose” (1996)
EIRIN PERYGLUS – “Bronson” (1987)
JEFF AND JANE HUDSON — “3×3” (1983)
PEPPY PEP PEPPER — “Summer Tears” (2020)
BENE GESSERIT — “Mickey, Please…” (1989)
HARD CORPS — “Desolation Land” (1985)
PALADIN —”Phantom” (2020)
MORAL SUPPORT — “Strange Day For Dancing” (1984)
ADAM USI – “Malaise” (2020)
IMAGE OF LIFE — “Abandon The Station” (2019)
PAUL HAIG — “The Only Truth” (1984)
WIRE — “Ambitious” (1987)
Андрей Родионов & Борис Тихомиров (Andrey Rodionov & Boris Tikhomirov) —”Игральный автомат(“Slot Machine”) (1987)
BEAUTIFUL SKIN — “Sex Is The Triangle For The Perfect Square” (1999)
SEVERED HEADS — “We Have Come To Bless This House” (1986)