Readymix Cement 003

After a bit of a break Readymix Cement is back with a third instalment; the first as we go into the autumn of 2020. This mix features artists old new, starting with the more noisier with :Codes and Uncanny Valley and then a mix of synth, post-punk and various other styles with This Is The Bridge, Soma Holiday, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Steven Grandell, Long Hind Legs, November Group, Robert Görl (with Annie Lennox), Visage, Gay Cat Park, Marta Raya, Ploho and the closing, subtle introspection of the track “The Tenant” by Japan.


CODES: — “Nekra Fylla” (2011)
UNCANNY VALLEY – “Seeds” (2019)
THIS IS THE BRIDGE — “X-Ray Eyes” (2020)
SOMA HOLIDAY — “Shake Your Molecules” (1984)
STEVEN GRANDELL — “Burn My Eyes” (1984)
LONG HIND LEGS —”Open Wide” (1997)
NOVEMBER GROUP — “I Live Alone” (1983)
ROBERT GÖRL w/ANNIE LENNOX – “Charlie Cat” (1984)
VISAGE — “Frequency 7” (1979)
CAY CAT PARK — “Bit Of Charm” (1982)
MARTA RAYA — “Laurentiustränen” (2019)
PLOHO —Город устал” (“The City Is Tired”) (2017)
ANDRÉ CYMONE” — “Survivin’ In the 80’s” (1983)
JAPAN — “The Tenant” (1978)