• SOFT RIOT "Second Lives" CD Cover

    Out now! The new Soft Riot compilation album Second Lives

    The new Soft Riot compilation album Second Lives releases today! Available in digital, Digipak CD and cassette formats. Thanks to Post-Punk.com for premiering the album. Read on for more information and to buy/stream.

  • Soft Riot | Promo Photo - 2021

    Soft Riot’s Jack Duckworth surges through synth-driven Second Lives

    Here’s a interview with Soft Riot that was done for the Canadian music newsletter Gut Feeling that talks to artists about how they found their sound. They got in touch to talk about the gear used most for the Soft Riot sound, the economy of size and weight and some other Canadian things.

  • Soft Riot - Second Lives (PSSN07) Cover (1200px)

    Soft Riot compilation album Second Lives out 28 June 2021

    It was around ten years ago now that the Soft Riot wheels started turning into motion. And with that we feel good to announce the release of a new compilation album, Second Lives, out 28 June 2021! It’s a limited release out in digital, Digipak CD, Cassette and streaming formats and contains 8 tracks.