New Mix for Glasgow’s Radio Buena Vida

We recently did a mix for Glasgow’s community radio station, Radio Buena Vida which aired on 30 July 2021. that is now up and archived on their SoundCloud channel. More information on this mix below:

Possession Records is Glasgow-based outsider label curating releases with quality artists working generally in the synth, coldwave, darkwave and post-punk genres throughout Europe. This mix comes on the heels of the most recent release on Possession by Canadian Glasgow-based artist Soft Riot called “Second Lives” which is a compilation album of redone tracks from previous albums, new versions of out of print cover songs and more. Along with a couple of Soft Riot tracks, this mix includes selections by artists old and new, covering synth and post-punk moods that range from summery and hazy vibes, icy dirges and moments of soundtrack-inspired ambience. Also included is a rare, unreleased demo track by the new romantic icon Ronny.


  1. Charles Wain “Driving Home” (1977 – from the soundtrack of “The Last Wave”)
  2. Denis & Denis “Soba 23” (1985)
  3. White Car “The Bridge” (2010)
  4. Soft Riot “We Are The Chopped (Second Version)” (2021 – Nomeansno cover)
  5. Double Echo “No Stars” (2021)
  6. Wire “In Vivo” (1988)
  7. Moral Support “Strange Day For Dancing” (1984)
  8. Romeo Void “Undercover Kept” (1982)
  9. Hanging Freud “We Don’t Want To Sleep” (2021)
  10. DBC “Ferrari” (2010)
  11. Soft Riot “Windows To The Wild” (2021)
  12. Illustration Sonore “Flying Lights” (2013)
  13. Paul Haig “Change Of Heart” (1983)
  14. Ronny/Boyarde “Reverie” (1980?)
  15. Poeme Electronique “The Echoes Fade” (1982)
  16. MO-DU “Sphears” (2021)