2 New Releases by Transhuman Rebirth and Soft Riot

It’s been a while but we’re back on track and happy to announce these two new releases on the label.

Transhuman Rebirth

Preparing Singularity

PSSN09 • Digital • Digipak CD • Cassette

Preparing Singularity is the debut album by Berlin-based EBM act Transhuman Rebirth, currently a one-man side project of renowned German synth-punk artist Ben Bloodygrave.

Already instantly recognisable on the European synth/wave scene and touring circuit with his high octane agressive minimal synth, Bloodygrave started this new project over the past few years focusing more on classic, first-wave EBM, moulding the nine tracks on Preparing Singularity into a sound that’s recognisable to fans of the starting foundations of the genre. While retaining a sound that’s unique and solely its own, elements of minimal wave and synth-punk are fused in these propulsive tracks, with nods to “old idols” such as Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, Front 242 and Absolute Body Control.

In addition to the Digipak CD and Cassette versions, there is a crowdfunding campaign started by the artist for a limited-edition “for the fans” vinyl which you can check out here.

Album releases 20 June 2022


Soft Riot

Windows To The Wild (Versions)

PSSN08 • Digital

This digital 3-track single offers three versions of the track “Windows To The Wild” by Soft Riot, which was originally released in December 2021 on the compilation Upperwave Selections Vol. 1 on the Berlin-based label Miseria. This track has taken on an extended life of its own, with Athens-based EBM artist Qual (William Maybelline of Lebanon Hanover) picking it up to do his own stompy, aggressive rework followed by Glasgow-based dark electronic disco group Ubre Blanca (Giallo Disco) twisting the track into a propulsive, rhythmic dance number. Rounding out these new mutations, Soft Riot himself has cooked up an alternate version of the track into a new, extended “Sodium Glow Version”. These three versions are gathered on this release as a digital 3-track EP to present to the world while a new album by Soft Riot starts to come together behind the scenes for release in 2023.