Ben Bloodygrave / Soft Riot / Hausfrau

24 March 2017

The Old Hairdressers 27 Renfield Ln, Glasgow G2, UK  (MAP)
£6.00 7:30 PM

Ben Bloodygrave

A Berlin based, 1-man punk band with synthesizers! Ben’s inspiration comes from Minimal Wave and EBM-80s, as well as “old idols” from punkbands á la Schleimkeim, Telekoma, Pennywise and GG Allin, whose pieces are as synthetic cover versions part of the program (in addition to his own songs). Ben is a regular face amongst the European underground synth/wave scene, appearing at many festivals and shows as a performer or as that guy with the green mohawk that everyone seems to know. A very fun live show that’s not to be missed!


Blurring the line between artifice and reality, Hausfrau is the pop construct of Glasgow based artist Claudia Nova. Themes of darkness and light are mutated into sensual shades by synth projections and Nova’s powerful voice, drawing the listener into a quasi sado-masochistic relationship with the performer-as-oracle.

Soft Riot

A newcomer to Glasgow, Soft Riot is JJD: a Canadian intruder now based in the UK, and part of the Possession Records family. JJD’s personal experience with music, containing elements of synthesiser-based film soundtracks, romantic italo-style flourishes, throbbing arpeggiations and angular, psychedelic synth-pop all tied together with an underlying tension. A singing synthwave octopus.