• Waiting For Something Terrible To Happen video still

    “Waiting For Something Terrible To Happen” video premiere on The Skinny

    Thanks to The Skinny for premiering the video for the track “Waiting For Something Terrible To Happen”! This is the fourth track from album The Outsider In The Mirrors which was released earlier this year on Possession. It is a continuation of the ongoing “alternate TV channel” theme from this record, the first being a […]

  • Soft Riot (01) | Promo Photo (March 2018) | by JJD

    Soft Riot in Ion Magazine

    Ahead of a performance at Vancouver’s Verboden Festival starting Friday, April 13th an interview was conducted for the Canadian music/arts website Ion Magazine. Read on! Of the reviews that have popped up so far for The Outsider in the Mirrors, the latest full-length release from Glasgow-based darkwave solo project Soft Riot, none are quite as […]

  • Soft Riot (03) | Promo Photo (March 2018) | by JJD

    The Man In The Mirrors: Interview with Ghettoblaster

    A new Soft Riot interview is up on the US music website, Ghettoblaster about his new album The Outsider In The Mirrors. It was done with Tim Anderl, who has done a couple of other interviews with Soft Riot over the years. Here we cover anniversaries, humour, re-location and Fleetwood Mac vs. Antioch Arrow. Glasgow, […]

  • Possession Records Presents: Impressions | Bob Hatchett on "The Outsider In The Mirrors"

    Possession Records presents : Impressions (01)

    The Outsider In The Mirrors is officially out today! We asked JJD from Soft Riot‘s neighbour for his thoughts on the record to share with you in a short interview. This is the result. Soft Riot will be performing some of these songs live tonight for the release show here in Glasgow. The album is […]

  • Hausfrau (photo by CJ Monk)

    Organised Chaos: Hausfrau talks to The Skinny about Possession

    Claudia Nova (Hausfrau) had a chat with The Skinny recently about Possession Records about how it started, future plans and our love for bad sci-fi and Unsolved Mysteries: Glasgow’s music scene is one that we’re all very aware of and proud of as a nation – it’s testament to the bazillion artists, promoters, DJs and […]

  • THE EYES ON THE WALLS Promo Video | Still 03

    “The Eyes On The Walls” video premiere on

    The first official “music video” for Soft Riot‘s The Outsider In The Mirrors is now up on The psychedelic synth pop of Soft Riot returns with the first video from the project’s new-wave cable television inspired concept LP The Outsider In The Mirrors. “The Eyes In The Walls” reflects Soft Riot synth maestro JJD’s […]

  • SOFT RIOT | Press Image | "The Outsider In The Mirrors" Promo Collage

    Soft Riot in Altvenger & Distro

    The release date for Soft Riot‘s The Outsider In The Mirrors is coming closer and closer and some of the press is starting to come in. Here’s a recent interview JJD did with the UK online magazine Altvenger. A rather long and informative one: Soft Riot is a solo project of the Canadian artist Jack […]

  • Soft Riot | The Outsider In The Mirrors | LP cover

    Pre-Orders for “The Outsider In The Mirrors” Start Now

    Yes, you’ve seen it: pre-orders for the new Soft Riot album The Outsider In The Mirrors start today! The official release date is on 09 February 2018. This record is the first Soft Riot album on Possession Records and the second for the label. The record will be soon available through a number of distributors […]

  • Soft Riot | The Outsider In The Mirrors

    The Outsider In The Mirrors release dates announced

    A few weeks ago we had announced our next release, Soft Riot’s “The Outsider In The Mirrors” and now we, the board of directors at Possession Records are putting forth our release dates. After some deliberation we have decided on the release date of Friday, Feb 9th, 2018 with pre-orders starting on January 8th, 2018. […]

  • Soft Riot | The Outsider In The Mirrors

    The new Soft Riot is coming!

    We’re very happy to announce our second release, The Outsider In The Mirrors by our own Soft Riot! Following up from the last proper full-length album, You Never Know What Comes Next, released in 2015 on the French label EXBTN — this collection contains eight new tracks JJD’s own unique and fantastic style of synth-wave. […]


    In the studio of Soft Riot

    The newest episode of Berlin-based Synths & Stuff is up! In this episode Berlin synth/punk musician Ben Bloodygrave visits Glasgow and takes a look into the studio of our own SOFT RIOT.

  • 2017-02-04 and 2017-03-24 Shows

    Upcoming Shows for Winter/Spring 2017

    Ok! So Possession Records continues into 2017 with more shows, including one tomorrow night! Read on below. GROSS NET, KASPAR HAUSER and guests… Black-hearted electronic primitivism from Belfast along with Glasgow’s own Kaspar Hauser and guests. More Info Facebook Event BEN BLOODYGRAVE, HAUSFRAU, SOFT RIOT Solo minimal/synthpunk project from Berlin, Ben Bloodygrave plays alongside Possession […]

  • Xarah Dion

    Possession kicks off with three events in October!

    Possession Records moves into this October in top form, putting our hand in three amazing events happening in Glasgow this month! FORMAL INVOCATION / 01 Join us at Nice N Sleazy on Friday, October 14th for the first edition of our monthly club night. Our regulars and special guests will be serving up a sonic […]

  • Hausfrau | Trivial Pursuits (PR001)

    Hausfrau’s Trivial Pursuits Now Available for Pre-Order

    “Trivial Pursuits” is the new four song EP by Hausfrau, the musical alter-ego of Glasgow-based musician and artist Claudia Nova. It follows her critically acclaimed 2014 debut full-length album “Night Tides”, released on the Unknown Pleasures label. This release is now available for pre-order. Recorded and mixed at Glasgow’s famous Green Door studio (Optimo, Golden […]

  • Hausfrau "Trivial Pursuits" Screen Shot

    Hausfrau “Trivial Pursuits” Video

    The official video for Hausfrau’s “Trivial Pursuits” off the forthcoming EP of the same name. Video made by Georgina Penstkart.