Trivial Pursuits


  • Digital
  • Cassette

“Trivial Pursuits” is a four song EP by Hausfrau, the musical alter-ego of Glasgow-based musician and artist Claudia Nova. It follows her critically acclaimed 2014 debut fulllength album “Night Tides”, released on the Unknown Pleasures label.

Recorded and mixed at Glasgow’s Green Door studio (Optimo, Sons And Daughters, Golden Teacher, Youth Stand Up etc), “Trivial Pursuits” sees Hausfrau’s explore a harsher yet more playful sound whilst maintaining the characteristic seductive melancholy of her earlier work. The throbbing sub-bass tones of opener “Uptight” immediately sets the listener on the backfoot with it’s combination of anxious unease and infectious, suffocating repetition. The title track’s minimal monologues and fiendishly simplistic melodies highlight Hausfrau’s more overt willingness to explore a more tongue-in-cheek approach to her music, as does her stark, glacial rendition of Wang Chung’s “Dance Hall Days”, which continues her interest in re-interpreting and re-tooling the songs of others to fit closer to her own sound. Finishing with elegiac, rhythm-driven “Flesh Of My
Flesh”, the “Trivial Pursuits” EP is Hausfrau’s boldest statement yet.