Preparing Singularity

Transhuman Rebirth

  • Digital
  • CD
  • Cassette

Preparing Singularity is the debut album by Berlin-based EBM act Transhuman Rebirth, currently a one-man side project of renowned German synth-punk artist Ben Bloodygrave.

Already instantly recognisable on the European synth/wave scene and touring circuit with his high octane agressive minimal synth, Bloodygrave started this new project over the past few years focusing more on classic, first-wave EBM, moulding the nine tracks on Preparing Singularity into a sound that’s recognisable to fans of the starting foundations of the genre. While retaining a sound that’s unique and solely its own, elements of minimal wave and synth-punk are fused in these propulsive tracks, with nods to “old idols” such as Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft, Front 242 and Absolute Body Control.

Bloodygrave started his path in music as a drummer, bassist and vocalist in “classic” German-style punk bands, but becomes more increasingly interested in synthesisers in the years to follow, launching his own Ben Bloodygrave solo project in 2008.

Transhuman Rebirth is subjectually futuristic to dystopian, interspersed with political statements. The lyrics focus on topics that are current and modern, including science, technology, surveillance and artificial intelligence — all delivered through Bloodygrave’s well-known vocal style with a sound that is much rougher and with compositions and sound designs that are more complex than his main Ben Bloodygrave persona.

This nine track album comes in digital, cassette and Digipak CD formats, with a forthcoming limited “fan-based” vinyl LP version that is in the works. You can find out more about the StartNext fundraising project for that here.

Artist Statement for this Release