Possession Records | Short Film 02

At Death's Door, PSSN04, Shop Q&Q, Voidamol and more…

Premiere date: 25 November 2019


  1. At Death’s Door
  2. “When Push Comes To Shove” (PSSN04) track sample montage
  3. EYE TV segment
  4. Shop Q&Q Voidamol feature
  5. Voidamol Voyage
  6. Voidamol Ident
  7. At Death’s Door (Reprise)
  8. Possession Ident
  9. Main Menu

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When Push Comes To Shove (PSSN04) by Soft Riot, out NOW on Possession Records. Available as vinyl LP, digital CD and digital download.

Voidamol Limited Edition Travel Tin Pack, exclusively available from the Possession Records store.

All music, lyrics, incidental music and sound effects by Soft Riot (JJD).
Filming, textures and editing in 2018-2019 by JJD.
Additional video textures by Georgina Penstkart. Additional clips sourced by JJD.

Live footage from “By The Skin Of Your Teeth” film and edited by Carl Weidner and the crew of the MS Stubnitz, Hamburg DE. Recorded 30 September 2019 at MS Stubnitz.
Please support the MS Stubnitz at https://ms.stubnitz.com .

Video segment for “Taking Off The Edge” from the official promo video for that track.

Additional clips from the film “Herostratus” (Don Levy, 1967).

Voices by JJD and Marcel Wave.