Here is some information about we: Possession Records.

Who is Possessed?

Possession Records is Glasgow-based outsider label curating releases with quality artists working generally in the synth, coldwave, darkwave and post-punk genres throughout Europe.

Initial releases include the cassette EP by Hausfrau, “Trivial Pursuits” and now with the latest album, “The Outsider In The Mirrors” by Soft Riot.


At this time we’re currently reviewing the label and looking to moving it forward. With that bands and artists are welcome to send demo submissions although at this stage we’re carefully planning moving forward. Having said that we’re interested in what new projects might be out there that are looking to put out a small release. You’re welcome to send any submissions to . We may not have time to listen to everything but we’ll certainly give it a try.

We also curate around 3-5 live music events in Glasgow a year. Any bands interested in playing are welcome to contact us as well. Due to the small amount of events we do a year slots are limited but you’re welcome to reach out to us nonetheless.

Press, Distro, etc.


Alan Miller
Abnormal PR


This list will be added to soon but here’s a start:

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